Norse myths and goddess and gods to inspire Norse Bellydancers

Freya  link to Freya images and myths  dance in honour of Freya

One of the Valkyrie maidens.


Odin's claiming of the runes quote.




Polly Hallam's website info on Tribal Blend Bellydance classes 

SGI (Synchronised Group Improvisation formerly known as American Tribal Style Bellydance)Blacksheep Style

see what to expect

SGI based on Blacksheep format Bellydance in Bromley, London

Blacksheep Belly dance


Sunday Classes 11am-12 noon Bellenden Therapies, 147a Bellenden Road Peckham SE15 4DH dance one hour £8

North African Drumming  various venues one hour £5 

Spaces are limited please contact before turning up. 


Bints Go Bang Bang! soundbite 

Barbary Beats & Bints on Soundcloud

listen to Bints Bang!

The Kith of Yggdrasil

Norse information and group to join

The Kith of Yggdrasil - The Kith on Facebook

See 'Shimmy' shorts of art film by Polly Hallam


The Real Yule Story


Freya's Fire Dance - Serpentyne


Valkyries - Serpentyne

Spot Polly Hallam in Serpentyne videos Voice and Dance with Serpentyne

Viking music listen also

Icelandic Folk music  listen

Freya's Dance music

Les Joyaux De La Princesse -"Invocation Of The Gods"(feat Freya Aswyn) music